The Team

Raymond De Smedt

The Passionate Entrepreneur:

El Alamo was acquired by Raymond De Smedt, a retired oil executive and entrepreneur with a vision to produce quality natural beef.
Having grown up on a farm, Raymond has a family background in farming and beef retailing. He has been investing in farmland in South America since 1974. Raymond is a keen and passionate advocate of "pushing the envelope" and exploiting new technology and farming methods to expand the production capacity and efficiency of El Alamo.

Jasja De Smedt Kotterman

The Sustainable Manager:

Raymond's daughter, Jasja De Smedt Kotterman, oversees the strategic and financial operations of the farm. Jasja combines her degrees in sustainable environmental development, genetics and business to focus on growing the farm into a leading producer of high quality, regenerative meat for Uruguay and export markets.

Jasja is constantly looking for better ways to improve animal welfare, employee engagement, and holistic management of the land.


Jorge Deal

The Experienced Operator:

Jorge Deal is the general manager who manages the day to day operations of the farm. A Uruguayan by birth and soul, he has experience in managing a 20,000 Ha cattle ranch in Argentina, pasture management in a dairy farm in New Zealand, as well as managing several family owned farms in Uruguay.
He has been managing El Alamo since 2014, and is also involved in setting up new concepts and technical strategies.

El Álamo has a team of nearly 20 dedicated employees, some who live on the property with their families.
We work with talented agronomic engineers and technicians with specializations in agriculture, forestry, and cattle ranching.


Ignacio Cabrera

Cattle Manager

Sofia Moraes

Holistic Grazing Manager

Nicolás Falco

Agronomic Engineer