Starting a regenerative journey in Agriculture:

We focus on actively building health into our integrated system, by following the 5 core principles of regenerative agriculture

  • Minimize soil disturbance
  • Maximize crop diversity
  • Keep the soil covered
  • Maintain living roots year round
  • Integrate livestock

The primary focus of our agriculture is on growing grains and grasses as fodder and supplementation for our cattle during winter and times of drought. We use no till agriculture and rotate between Soya, Maiz, and Sorghum in order to preserve and maintain the quality of our soils and the diversity of our crops. We plant cover crops in the winter season, which also provide feed to our cattle during Winter months. We incorporate pastures in this rotation system, with an abundance of Trebol Blanco, Lotus Macu and Fescue, which provide high quality grazing food for our cattle.

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Represa Caballo Loco

El Alamo is unique in being one of the few farms in the area to have its own water reservoir, Represa Caballo Loco which was built in 2006. El Alamo has the ability to have a guaranteed source of water for its animals, its pastures and its crops. The dam holds 2.4 million cubic meters of natural rain water covers 58 hectares and is ten meters deep at its deepest. This reservoir feeds into canals that snake through the property over 21 kilometers and are able to irrigate nearly 25% of the property. In addition to our main reservoir, El Alamo has also built 48 watering holes across the property for the cattle, powered by solar and wind energy.