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Purebreed Wagyu:

Wagyu meat consumption has grown 180% in the last 5 years, with successful cattle businesses that have developed outside of Japan, mainly in the United States and Australia.
Because we believe that Uruguay is a perfect place to breed and fatten Wagyu animals in complement with Aberdeen Angus, El Alamo is innovating and investing in the development of its own pure Wagyu herd, based on high quality genetics imported from the United States of high quality meat, with the aim of becoming one of the main producers of Wagyu animals of pure blood and cross Wagyu-Angus in Uruguay.
By crossing our high-quality Aberdeen Angus pedigree with Wagyu pure blood, we believe we can create a superior hybrid breed that will thrive in the Uruguayan fields and produce highly marbled meat for consumers demand.

We not only sell Wagyu cattle to feedlots or to the market, but also our own breeding and embryo genetics.

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