Estancia El Alamo - Rocha - Uruguay
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Estancia El Alamo

El Alamo is a fully functional agro-pastoral estancia located near the Represa India Muerta in Rocha, Uruguay.

  • We rear and raise premium Aberdeen Angus and Wagyu cattle for sale to the export markets of Europe, the US, and Asia.
  • We pride ourselves on efficiently managing a rotation system with agriculture to provide the best natural feed for our animals
  • We employ the latest breeding techniques and feed management systems to produce consistent, high quality, natural beef.
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The Uruguayan Advantage

Uruguay enjoys a mild climate, fertile soils and rolling hills, with plenty of sunshine and water, perfect for cattle raising. Uruguayan livestock breeding standards are amongst the highest in the world – use of hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics are banned, and cattle are certified free of mad cow disease.

In addition, Uruguay is the only country in the world to have implemented a completely computerized traceability system, which allows consumers to know exactly where their beef comes from and how it was raised.



Our Guiding Principles

El Alamo operates under the following principles:

  • Produce high quality, premium cattle for a growing export demand
  • Focus on the well-being of our animals from birth to gate
  • Apply high working standards and empower our employees
  • Operate with maximum efficiency, with a view to incorporating new technology as appropriate
  • Adapt to market conditions with forward planning and a flexible management approach
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