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El Alamo is unique in being one of the few farms in the area to have its own water reservoir, Represa Caballo Loco which was built in 2006. El Alamo has the ability to have a guaranteed source of water for its animals, its pastures and its crops. The dam holds 2.4 million liters of water and covers 58 hectares and is ten meters deep at its deepest.
This reservoir feeds into canals that snake through the property over 21 kilometers and are able to irrigate nearly 25% of the property. In addition to our main reservoir, El Alamo has also built 48 watering holes across the property for the cattle, powered by solar and wind energy




In 2008, El Alamo built a drylot to support it's intensification efforts in cattle ranching. This drylot is used mainly for supplementation of calves in the winter months. We store our own grasses and grains harvested from our fields in the autumn, and mix this together with protein and mineral supplements to provide high quality, natural fodder.

Wagyu Genetics

In 2016 El Alamo began evaluating the potential of rearing and raising Wagyu for export. We began by buying Angus-Wagyu crosses and then inseminating our own Angus females with high quality imported Wagyu semen from Argentina and Australia. With increasing success, we are now starting our own Wagyu breeding program to produce full blood Wagyu genetics and rear and raise full blood and Angus crosses for export sales.


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