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Focus on improving the soil by implementing holistic cattle management techniques

We have implemented Savory Institute’s holistic pasture management practices, which has required significant investment in new water capture and distribution systems, as well as fencing to make smaller paddocks. We have trained our staff in the Savory Institute’s holistic management practices, and now have nearly 1000 hectares under an intensive rotation system.

We were the first large scale farm in Uruguay to implement the Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome VerificationTM (EOVTM) monitoring system across the whole farm. EOVTM is a protocol for monitoring land health, including soil health, fauna and flora biodiversity, carbon capture, and land regeneration.

Provide the best conditions possible for our cattle

We care about the welfare of our animals and follow management techniques to ensure the wellbeing of our cows, calves and bulls; We have installed two new corrals based on the philosophy of Temple Grandin for better welfare of our animals, we plant eucalyptus trees to provide shade and shelter, and we rotate our cattle in groups like natural herds. We have been certified Uruguay’s seal of high animal welfare standards in recognition of our management practices.



Empower our employees to join us in becoming stewards of the land

We believe in educating our employees to be able to accompany us in our regenerative journey. Our management team have all taken courses in holistic pasture management and animal welfare, as well as our employees.

Leverage the latest technology to improve management efficiency

El Alamo uses the best technology available to it, and management continuously looks to improve efficiency and performance by improving the genetic stock of its animals, exploring new seed varieties, testing irrigation systems, and implementing cutting edge ag-tech software.