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Integrate agriculture and cattle in rotation

We believe that the best results for our animals, for the soil, and for efficient production is a rotational system between agriculture and pastures. With this approach, we obtain higher yields in beef production in marginal lands of eastern Uruguay.

Provide the best conditions possible for our cattle

We care about the welfare of our animals and follow management techniques to ensure the wellbeing of our cows, calves and bulls; We recently installed a new corral based on the philosophy of Temple Grandin for better welfare of our animals, we plant eucalyptus curtains to provide shade and shelter, and we rotate our cattle in groups like natural herds



Continually improve efficiency of operations

El Alamo has increased its efficiency of production by outsourcing seeding, applications and harvesting as required, while keeping our costs low by using our own machinery and employees where possible.

Leverage the latest technology

El Alamo uses the best technology available to it, and management continuously looks to improve efficiency and performance by improving the genetic stock of its animals, exploring new seed varieties, and testing irrigation systems.


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